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Adhesive Tapes

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Adhesive Tapes

Our adhesive tape range includes products for packaging, pallet unitising, painting and construction, book binding, and exhibition industries. Our range also includes:

  • Double sided seaming tapes for curtain and blinds manufacturing
  • Double sided foam and VHB tapes for signage
  • Palletising tape for fruit and vegetable packing in Farming industries

Packaging & Cloth Tapes and distributed in Brisbane by ABC Adhesives, Australia.

Packaging & Cloth Tapes

Hot melt, acrylic, synthetic rubber packaging tapes and cloth and render masking tapes. Suitable for book binding and exhibitions.


Masking & Protection Tapes

Masking tape for painting, floor masking, packaging and construction. Protection tapes for construction and painting.


Filament & Strapping Tapes

Reinforced fibreglass tapes for pallet unitising, packaging reinforcement, bundling items and closing fibreboard boxes.

Double sided tape and double sided foam tape is distributed in Queensland by ABC Adhesives, Brisbane.

Double Sided & Foam Tapes

Double sided and foam tapes for plastic, board, paper and metal. Suitable for carpet tiles and the exhibition industry.


VHB Tapes

Industrial strength 3M VHB adhesive tapes to replace rivets, bolts, screws and welds. Suitable for assembly applications.

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